A legacy of innovation

In 1895, DD Palmer delivered the first adjustment to his deaf janitor. Upon correcting the problem in his spine, the janitors hearing was restored. DD Palmer thought he had discovered the cure for deafness, yet not every deaf person was “healed”, instead other conditions were reported to improve with spinal adjustments such as heart conditions and typhoid fever. As a result, DD Palmer began to develop the philosophy of his newly founded profession of drugless healing.  


What began as a cure for deafness quickly developed into a philosophy of restoring function through proper function of the nerve system. Chiropractic was developed as a non therapeutical profession with goal of restoring spinal integrity, known as Vertebral Subluxation.

The school was founded in Davenport, Iowa in the United States of America and many of the first students were medical doctors who came to learn of the near miraculous results. The profession began to grow, and his son BJ Palmer “The Developer” of chiropractic, further refined and evolved the profession growing the Palmer School of Chiropractic into several thousand students.

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