Dr. Michael B. Dibley

Dr. Michael B. Dibley is the co-founder & CEO of The 360 Group, which operates an international brand of five star chiropractic offices, practice management technologies and branding. He is a third generation Chiropractor & one of seven in his Family to be a Chiropractor. He is also the co-founder of 360 Global Chiropractic Missions, 360 Global Media, The Being of Light Award, Director of Clear & Connected - The Documentary. He is also co-founder of The Veritas Project, an online university for Doctors and Students of Chiropractic.


He is an International Speaker, Global Chiropractic Ambassador & Human Potential Specialist. He also owns and operates 360 Island in Canada along with his his partner, Dr. Cathrine S. Walle. The 360 Group co-founded The Scotland College of Chiropractic, LIFE Roma & has helped fundraise for The Barcelona College of Chiropractic & is a Vital Force 100 Member. He currently resides on The Island of Nøtterøy, in Norway with his partner, Dr. Cathrine S. Walle and his two Children, Sophia Gelsomina & Atlas Benjamin whom both attend Waldorf Schools.

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